Deadman Wonderland 8 by Jinsei Kataoka, Kazuma Kondou

Deadman Wonderland 8 really brings on the action as once again Ganta must rise from the lowest of depths in order to survive and protect his friends. But we’re also given some interesting backgrounds and insights into several characters’ surprising pasts (including Peacock, Crow, and Condor) during the battles. But really, mostly notably Shiro is badly beaten and about to ‘awaken’ just as both she and Ganta pledge their love to each other.


Story: Ganta and his group must get to the switch to turn off the apparatus controlling the minds of the Ninben. But a special group, each possessing a lethal toxin, have been sent to intercept our group of heroes.  Each of the KO Ninben is a special foil for one of Ganta’s group – can they foil the heroes long enough to give Ganta, Azami, and Shiro enough time to get to the switch?

The artwork was fairly intricate this volume and nearly every page devoted to battle. We’re still getting Bleach-like powerups mixed with GetBackers type of urban fantasy that make the series so inviting. But the authors also take special pains to make sure Ganta never really wins any of the battles he fights, either.

The backstories of Ganta’s friends(?) were original and interesting – and made a lot of sense with regards to their branches of Sin. And it was great to see Ganta finally realize what Shiro means to him – even if the cost was her full awakening from “Mother Goose”.

Deadman Wonderland continues its guilty pleasure mix of action and urban fantasy.  Reviewed from an ARC provided by the publisher.

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