Healing with Raw Foods by Jenny Ross

Healing with Raw Foods is a beautifully presented source book for those interested in eating healthier through uncooked foods. Although the book is broken down by different parts of the body to heal (e.g., brain, digestion, bones) at heart it is a cookbook by a chef with a holistic and somewhat new age approach.


The book breaks down as follows:  Part 1: Getting Started (mapping a new way, the living foods kitchen, healing basics: the three day jump start); Part II: Healing From Head To Toe (food as preventive medicine, boosting your brain health, armed for good health, healing your heart, eating raw for diabetes, strengthening your frame, your digestive tract: enzymes to the rescue); Part III Healing the Whole (healthy children, healthy families, food for a healthy soul). Afterword, appendices (cook like a chef, a guide to quality utensils, raw food pyramid, biographics). Metric conversion chart, recipe index.

The recipes are nicely presented and easy to read/follow. Many have color photographs that help visualize the final product – very important in a book that has people using non traditional ingredients to create non traditional meals.

The focus is on raw – which means a lot of dehydrating and sprouting – you’ll definitely want to invest in a dehydrator. It also means a bit more work to prepare nearly all meals. The author smartly provides an ‘easy introduction’ for those new to eating raw foods, a 3-day plan of different recipes. After that, there are discussions and recipes addressing different aspects of physical health including vegetarian and diabetes options.

Admittedly, I have seen many of these recipes in other raw books and there weren’t as many recipes as I would have liked to see in a book of this type. Many are just a case of throwing several raw ingredients together. But the recipes I tried did taste excellent and were a great alternative to unhealthier options.

There are also a lot of new age accents in here – from yoga/meditation to daily affirmations which I would have preferred to do without. They can often sound like a religion indoctrination and a bit beyond the core eating raw foundation of the book. I respect that the author wants to help people find the peace she did but perhaps that is for a different book.

In all, nicely presented with some excellent recipes make this book a winner.  Reviewed from an arc provided by the publisher.

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