The Guardian Herd: Stormbound by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

My 11 year old daughter is greatly enjoying this series and once I told her I had it on Kindle, she grabbed the Paperwhite and I didn’t see her again for several hours as she eagerly devoured it.  Here is her review:


Story: Star coming into his power and leading the tribe. But there is dissension and he is too young and inexperienced to not only hold them together but also keep them from starving. Worst, there are always two black winged Pegasus – a good and a bad.  Since Star has gravitated to the good, the dark has awakened and a confrontation is coming. Can Star learn to use the powers of healing and destruction effectively enough to stave off the annihilation of his new tribe? And can he keep them together as their new leader?

The book had quite a bit of action and Star’s story was compelling – with new surprises and battles around each corner. My daughter said she didn’t want to stop reading since it was so exciting. She especially liked that Star could use both the bad and the good powers (gold and silver, healing and destruction) and that there was a ‘big bad’ enemy as a foil.

When asked about whether she thought it was too similar to Warrior Cat, he said at first it did seem that way but the story comes into its own by the end of the first book and she ended up liking this even better.

The Guardian Herd does have some violence (e.g., a mare dies quite violently) but not nearly as strong as in other books (e.g., Lasky’s Horses of the Dawn, which my daughter felt was far too graphic and disturbing). My daughter was not upset by the violence nor felt it was excessive.

This series has a huge fan in my 11 year old and she is eagerly waiting for the next volume in the series.  Reviewed from an advanced readers copy provided by the publisher.

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