Waistcoats and Weaponry by Gail Carriger

As much as I loved the two previous books in this series, I was admittedly let down by Waistcoats and Weaponry. The plot was pretty much as follows: “Oh Soap!” “Oh Felix!” “Oh Soap!” “Oh, a train.” “Oh Soap!” “Oh Felix.”  Yes, it was nearly all love triangle and Sophronia worrying over her attraction to Soap until Felix came into the picture and then it was distraction by how handsome Felix is and all.


Story: Sidhe’s absence has Sophronia worried greatly.  Something is going on with the werewolves. Meanwhile, visits to Soap are creating conflicts in Sophronia – she realizes she is attracted to him and it is clear that he is attracted to her, too. But then, Felix shows his handsome face and she becomes even more confused. Cue a ball at her house in which both Felix and Soap will appear. She’ll use the night to figure out her own feelings – and stumble upon a conspiracy accidentally while trying to escape the ball.

I honestly kept waiting for the main mystery of the device to come back into the plot – which it doesn’t until nearly the end of the book. And not through Sophronia’s intelligence, either. She stumbles upon a part of the conspiracy accidentally (and unrealistically). The flights of fancy in this volume were great and honestly starting to veer too far into the ‘coincidence too many’ side of things.

I looked forward to Sophronia figuring things out and getting things done; none of which really happened here. She was pretty much a love sick moon calf and nothing else really mattered. Sadly, the romance is really Carriger’s weakness and it shows yet again in this series.

There is a very unsurprising twist at the end; really, the only way to resolve the love triangle satisfactorily.  I will, of course, keep reading and hope a return to the form of the first books.

I listened to the audible version and the narrator is so good – I never want to hear this book any other way.

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