My Little Pony Friends Forever Volume 3

Review from my 11 year old daughter:

In this volume, all the ponies are well drawn and have great stories that are true to their characters. Each also had a strong story arc and not just random vignette stories empty of a point.

The book has 4 stories:

In the first, Apple Jack’s family meet up with Flim and Flam for the third time. Most of the family thought the pair rather shallow but Granny Smith saw their true worth.

In the second, Rainbow Dash helps Spitfire get over her nervousness with kids. It showed that she didn’t have to completely change her attitude but she also had to learn to not always be her tough self and be nicer with the kids.

In the third, Iron Will learns to manage his anger issues with Fluttershy.  She learns how to connect with him personally rather than using outside methods to help him see his softer side.

In the fourth, Twilight Sparkle helps Pinkie Pie overcome a bad habit (eating om noms). It shows how Twilight’s logic isn’t always the answer – especially with Pinkie Pie. It’s about finding solutions with your heart as well your head.

The stories have a nice mix of humor and action (the second didn’t have any humor but the third was all humor). The ponies get to solve different problems that take into account their personalities and individual needs. Although the art was different in each story, they did accurately show the ponies and so it wasn’t distracting.

In all, very enjoyable and my daughter’s favorite in the series.

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