The Better Part of Valor by Tanya Huff

I enjoyed the first book in the Confederation series, Valor’s Choice, but didn’t love it. The story was decent yet it was also somewhat cold and impersonal. But wow, Huff really kicked up the story and characters in this second book and by the end, I was absolutely passionate about the entire series. Each book would end up getting better and better but the seeds for the overall story arc starts here in the second book.


Torrin is sent on a special mission after upsetting the brass – one with a great deal of uncertainty and unpleasantness. But in dealing with an unknown type of alien – as well as her greatest threat of all, having to work with civilians – Torrin will really have to use all her intelligence and military skills in order to survive what is about to be thrown at her.

Book two makes book one seem like a standalone or prequel to the series since it is here that we get to meet so many of the many characters who will end up in important roles in the rest of the series. Of course, there is also plenty of action and a heck of a lot of mystery for Torrin to solve or overcome.

I’ve listened to all the books in the series and admittedly didn’t like the narrator in the beginning. But wow, what she does with the voices becomes canon (ah Prezit, I love you!) and she does them so well. I hope she will always do the narration for all future volumes.

This rapidly rose to become one of my favorite series – all begun here in this very important second volume.

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