Chaos Station By Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Chaos Station is a decently written sci fi mostly focusing on the romance between main characters Zander and Felix. Interesting side characters and a focus on story over romance make this one of the better reads in the M/M genre.


Story: A team of elite soldiers fought a terrifying alien enemy. One was captured and killed, two were put into an experimental super soldier program and went deep undercover, and the others eventually drifted their own way. Now that the war is over Zander, one of the experimental, hopes to save his friend and former teammate (and also experimented upon), Emma. He hires a merc ship to take him to a station and her last known whereabouts and on that ship he finds Flick – The teammate he thought killed when captured, the man he loved above all others. But what Zander can’t tell Flick is that he is not the same man as the past – the experimentation altered him to fight the alien menace but ruined him in the process. And as for Flick – life as a prisoner of an alien species wrought its own personal hell upon him as well. As they race to save Emma, it may be themselves that are most in need of redemption.

The authors have done a great job of giving us a well fleshed out story with a clear arc. As well, this is more than two ‘hot guys getting in on’ all the time. The focus is much more on the romance aspect than on the sex (which I always appreciate). There is a suitable amount of angst but the crux of the story is finding Emma.

I really enjoyed the side characters; for once the female characters weren’t annoying but really added to the story. Add in an alien pilot (could have used more of her in the story) and a sympathetic captain, and the plot was very well rounded.

What kept this from being a higher rating were the names – Zed, Flick, Fixer, Zander, etc. They were annoying enough to keep drawing me out of the moment.

I look forward to reading more in this universe and heartily recommend this for M/M romance fans.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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