Eat Right For Your Sight by Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Johanna M Seddon

Right For Your Sight has a particular focus on age related macular degeneration – the natural aging process that causes vision to slowly deteriorate. It is published as a project of the American Macular Degeneration Foundation and backed by the latest scientific evidence that eating the right foods can reduce the prospect of partial vision loss.  The book is beautifully presented with many full color photographs and very easy to follow recipes. The recipes are good enough that anyone looking for healthier meals and in good health can also greatly benefit (there are a lot of good foods that make sound choices for kids and families).

The recipes break down as follows:  Small bites (e.g., 3 pepper quesadillas, deviled eggs, savory almonds, smoked mackerel dip); Soups (e.g,. white bean soup with kale, broccoli almondine soup, miso, Thai winter squash); Salads (grilled vegetable salad, Greek salad, caprese salad, roasted butternut squash and cranberry salad); Main courses (e.g., spicy fish tacos, mini meatloves, spicy udon noddles, Jacques Pepin’s provence pizza); Side dishes (e.g., roasted tomatoes, Che Panisse’s spicy broccoli vegetable saute, Alice Waters’ canellini beans and wilted greens); Desserts (e.g., sweet oranges, mango sorbet, spa baklava, carrot cake); Healthy drinks (e.g., power juice, apple celery juice, homemade vegetable juice). Also included are introductions about macular degeneration, the best raw food items to use, metric conversion charts, methodology, nutrient table, foods to have in your pantry, and getting started.

The book is lavishly photographed with a strong New England feel. Many recipes have photographs of ingredients or the finished product. Each recipe is in large type (not surprising for a book of this subject) with a blue introduction, black ingredient list, unnumbered paragraph directions, and a nutritional profile. Some directions call for tips and tricks and those are typically on a separate page or in a call out box.

Contributors to the book include a long list of nutritionists, doctors, and chefs. Author Thompson is a cookbook author, and co author Seddon is a macular degeneration clinician.

I’ve found the recipes easy to follow and not too onerous to make. In all, a beautifully presented cookbook full of healthy but also tasty recipes with a great focus on preventing macular degeneration.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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