Against All Enemies by Jack Campbell

In this final book, completing Paul Sinclair’s tour of duty on board the Michaelson, we’re given more complex character building along with the expected action-then-trial of the previous books. This fourth is just as engaging and I was a bit sad to see it come to an end.  Things are tied up fairly neatly but not always in favor of our poor beleaguered protagonist.


Story: When it becomes obvious the SASL ships know far too much about the Michaelson’s orders while on a mission, deaths of civilians and military are the result. Paul Sinclair is approached to help root out the spy on his ship – a position Paul is quite uncomfortable about accepting when he discovers it is one of the officers – perhaps even one with whom he shares a stateroom.

This last book had a lot more machinations in it; now that the characters are well established, Campbell spends time with a more intricate plot. As with previous books, guilt isn’t necessarily assumed and Paul grapples with not only condemning one of his fellow officers but the idea that anyone could blithely perform actions that cost lives. It’s a constant theme in Campbell’s books, especially this series, that the loss of lives will always be a result of apathy, arrogance, or incompetence. As well, his actions in previous books hardly endeared him to the brass and he will pay for that as a result.

I listened to the Audible version and the narrator did an excellent job with all the characters.

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