Burden of Proof by Jack Campbell

With this second in the series, we establish the pattern of interaction/action in the first half of the book and then trial in the second. Author Campbell never gives away so much information that there is a foregone conclusion nor are there any tv-drama hysterics or surprises. This serious is about an everyman standing up for ideals (a recurring theme in Campbell’s books) despite the costs.


Story:  As Paul Sinclair works his way up the military ladder, engages with a new Captain for the Michaelson, and gets to know fellow officer Shen better, life settles down on the ship. Until an explosion rocks the engineering deck and costs a good man his life. When the evidence is collected, it points to an officer better at impressing superiors than performing his job. A young man whose father is an admiral. As Sinclair watches on the sidelines, he’ll find he may be more involved in the case than hoped – or feared.

The story begun in the first book builds quite nicely in this second novel. The characters are all interesting and fascinating – from the antagonists to the friends that Paul meets on the ship. As crew continues to rotate around him, he’ll deepen some relationships but also be forced to say goodbye to others.

The court scenes are surprisingly engaging and it helps that even Paul himself is not sure that the fellow officer is guilty. I found that once I started the book, I didn’t want to stop and stayed up quite late with it. The story really was that good.

I listened to the Audible version and the narrator did an excellent job.

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