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The Alkaline 5 Diet by Laura Wilson

The diet pendulum swings every few years – someone new comes with a surefire way to get people healthy and to lose weight. Alkalinity management and gut biomes seem to be the diet catch words of 2015.  With The Alkaline … Continue reading

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Ferals by Jacob Grey

Ferals is a very atmospheric and engrossing middle grade read full of mystery and intriguing world building. Yes, a story of a boy with special ability and no parents, link to a big bad guy who wants back into the … Continue reading

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Lying Out Loud by Kodi Keplinger

If you liked the DUFF, or any of Keplinger’s other teen books, then you’re bound to really enjoy Lying Out Loud as well. It takes place at Hamilton High, brings back cameos from characters in previous books, is another of … Continue reading

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The Shattered Court by M.J. Scott

The Shattered Court ended up being a difficult book for me.  What appeared to be a YA/NA type of fantasy romance (just look at that cover!) instead read much more like the graphic sex fantasy books of the late 1970s/early … Continue reading

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A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones

A Modern Way to Eat is a diverse and interesting set of recipes using vegetarian ingredients. The book is beautiful presented with copious amounts of photographs and fairly easy-to-follow directions. The focus is on flavorsome and wholesome ingredients – and … Continue reading

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Qualify by Vera Nazarian

Qualify is a decently written YA sci-fi featuring a suitably strong heroine and interesting world building. At 600 pages, it really could have used tighter editing and a bit more restraint. But the story is easy to follow and the … Continue reading

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Salsas and Moles by Deborah Schneider

Salsas and Moles is a beautifully presented cookbook true to the name – a large selection of Mexican/Central America sauces suitable for all kinds of purposes.  I appreciated the copious amounts of photographs – especially important considering this is a … Continue reading

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