Q and A Day Diary/Journal

Every once in awhile, I come across a book that really makes my heart sing – something unique, original, and even useful.  Q&A A Day is that book: a really smart idea in a striking package. This gives the benefits of a diary without the time commitment or guilt by distilling thoughts of the day to a few short sentences a day for 5 years. Writers will never be stuck trying to come up with something to write again.

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The idea is simple: Each day for a year the diary starts out asking a question that you answer. You’ll get the same question on that same day for five years – creating a fascinating comparison in how your thoughts and ideas changed over the years through each different response.

The book is beautifully presented in a classic and timeless condition. The pages are gold edged, the pages crisp white, and the outside of the book very clean and unfussy. It makes for a very inviting package and perfect as a gift.

There were only two minor detractors for me: the edges are very sharp and my 5 year old cut herself once on them (she fell in love with the look of the book and wanted to carry it around everywhere). It’s also hardbound and does not lay flat – making for a nice classic look but also hindering writing a bit.  As a special note: those more verbose or with a more exciting life may find it hard to keep it short enough to fit in the few lines that day.  The book is on the small side.

I chose this as a gift for my daughter – a chance to record her fleeting teen years when so much is in upheaval and change. There is also a child’s version and I am going to buy those versions for friends children’s birthdays and Christmas. It really is that nice. Reviewed from a copy provided by the publisher.

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