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The Good Gut by Justin Sonnenburg and Erica Sonnenburg

The Good Gut is a book I’ve been looking for quite awhile – a knowledgeable, friendly, and non-biased discussion of everything we know about how the gut works. The authors take pains to give differing sides of issues – contradictory … Continue reading

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Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Uprooted is a straightforward fantasy featuring a YA-type of protagonist and a fairy-tale feel. The book is a very well written standalone that will appeal to many ages from teen on up. And while it does rack up cliches in … Continue reading

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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve really loved Stiefvater’s other works. She allows the plot to unfold gently and organically and populates her worlds with a wide assortment of colorful characters. With Shiver (and later book Sinner), I found the characters to be flat, uninteresting, … Continue reading

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Manipulate by Corrie Garrett

Manipulate is a decently written story with enough pathos and engaging characters to keep readers invested to the end. Though a bit too long and with whole sections that could be removed to streamline the story, I found myself interested … Continue reading

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Assault Troopers by Vaughn Heppner

About 25% into the Audible Narration, I began to feel that the song, “America, f$ck yeah!” was written as a spoof of this book. Super macho, lone wolf, bad a$$, bullet proof, survivor battles aliens in the face of defeat … Continue reading

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Deserter by Mike Shepherd

Admittedly, it took a good Audible sale to entice me to read this second in the series. The first had failed to impress – it felt rough around the edges and not thought out enough. But I found that I … Continue reading

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Glory by Maureen McGowan

As much as I enjoyed the previous two books in the series, this last one fell a bit flat.  The writing remained consistent but the plot sort of petered and died – and most of the book felt like filler. … Continue reading

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