Blue Ribbon Canning by Linda J. Amendt

Blue Ribbon Canning is a one-stop resource book for everything canning (salsas, preserves, marmalades, fruits, jams, etc.). As the name implies, there is also an emphasis on entering competitions at fairs with the canned items (there is even a fair list at the back of the book). The recipes are well laid out, there are many photographs, and the variety is diverse.


The book breaks down as follows: Introduction and Ingredients; Caning Equipment; Canning Techniques; Processing Canning Jars; Jams; Jellies; Marmalade and Preserves; Fruits and Vegetables; Pickles; Relishes; Sauces and Salsas; Specialty Preserves; Blue Ribbing Canning for Fair Competitions; Fair Directory; Metric Equivalents; Index.

The recipes are interspersed with tidbits and factoids as well as interviews with award winning canners. The book has many photographs and is nicely laid out. The recipes are credited to many individuals – so there is quite a bit of variety and diversity. It features canners from across the US.

Each recipe has a bold red title, serving size in blue, separate ingredient list, introduction with options and tips, and then directions in short numbered paragraph form. Although the font is rather small, the directions are easy to follow.

Although there is a bit of preparation and set up to the process (including buying the right equipment), those interested in canning will find this book very useful. I especially liked the copious amounts of tips to prevent things going awry when undertaking the canning process. In all, a great book on the subject.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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