Star Trek New Visions by John Byrne

This is a great idea – taking ‘screenshots’ of the original series characters and using them to either create a new story or continue on from one of the previous stories. And for the most part, it does work well. The effect is much like the those architectural preview images of real people pasted into a computer generated background that shows what the project could look like when completed. It’s fun for fans of the series to see those characters anew or to get more story on famous episodes such as the Doomsday Machine and Amok Time.


The stories are varied but nearly all reference a specific episode in mind (a necessity when using characters, I suppose).  From a Ronald Tracey inspired story of revenge (The Omega Glory), to Klingons trying to put one over on the Federation (in TOS’ rather silly way), to a very funny Harry Mudd being stuck with Kirk’s face (a chuckle worthy ending worth the price of the book alone!). Star Trek TOS at times really can’t be taken seriously and Byrne has faithfully captured that innocent and less serious time.

I won’t say that all the stories captured my attention. And the background CGI visuals were a bit rough in places. Nitpicky details such as Tracey having blood on his face from the original episode fight that should have been cleaned off before insertion also kind of bugged. But in all, it was a greatly enjoyable read. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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