Love Stage Volume 2 by Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou

Love Stage!! is such a sweet series – the perfect ‘pick me up’ combination of zaniness, romance, and comedy. The art is superb and this Viz/Sublime translation is, honestly, sublime. A poor/unsympathetic translation would really have killed this series but all the humor is wonderfully intact and seamlessly translated to Western culture.  A real treat and as good as the anime, too.


Story: Izumi isn’t sure what to do about Ryoma. So he buries himself into his manga ‘art’ – trying to get a chapter done for a big contest. When Ryoma comes over to stay overnight and help, the temptation might be great for Ryoma (alone in Izumi’s bedroom!) but both will work hard to get Izumi’s submission done on time. But is Izumi prepared for the heartbreak of the truth about his drawings?

It’s super cute to watch Ryoma agonize and Izumi walk around completely clueless. Add in Rei’s machinations and brother Shogo’s spirited defense of his little brother, and you have a very fun title. The artwork continues to shine and showcases the story perfect.

In all, a really cute title to put a smile on your face.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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