The Incubus and the Angel by Cecilia Tan

The Magic University series is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me: an entertaining and easy read with very likeable characters. Part urban fantasy, part erotica, it’s a plot driven story where romance and magic don’t overwhelm or become the raison d’être. And it’s the type of series that you feel good after reading.


Story: Kyle has let Frost get into his head and now he can’t get him out. Frost, meanwhile, has disappeared – only appearing in certain hours of the day and avoiding Kyle altogether. When an incubus begins haunting the dreams of several of the female students, Kyle wants to help uncover the stalker. But only one other student has the knowledge to do so – and it will take esoteric arts to capture the spirit. But Frost is still avoiding Kyle like the plague.

There were quite a few reveals in this penultimate in the series. The writing is stronger and author Tan really caught her stride with The Incubus and the Angel. The sex scenes especially continue to impress – never lurid or vulgar, repetitious or disenchanting. They are so sweet that they have the same impact as a romantic kiss scene. That’s a rare skill and the strength of the series.

The erotic and magic scenes are integrated smoothly into the plot. What we don’t have is a case of plot – magic – plot – sex – plot – sex.  Rather, it’s a smooth and seamless transition scene to scene that makes sense and furthers the story and character development. Especially the latter – I’ve enjoyed seeing the characters grow across the series thus far.

While this will never be high literature, it is a pleasure to read. A lovely concoction of magic, romance, erotica, and likeable characters. I look forward to the last book. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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  1. I saw these, but I forget where. Anyway, I thought they looked interesting. I’m going to have to track them down now. Great review!

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