The Lost Fleet Leviathan By Jack Campbell

I am very impressed at how good this series is even after all these books. I never get tired or bored – or feel that we have retreads of the same story. Campbell manages to up the game every so slightly and effectively with each book – going places I would never have imagined. It’s made for wonderful reads that I can’t put down (or, in this case, stop listening to the Audible version).


Story: The Dark Ships – a fully automated fleet of highly maneuverable ships – has attacked human worlds. It’s clear the AI has gone rogue and is using its own justifications to eradicate humanity. Geary’s fleet is at a disadvantage – but if he doesn’t confront the Dark Ships, too many people will die. Forced into a head to head confrontation at a secret star base, all his cleverness will not be able to get him out of this battle without losses. For once, he will have to rely on the intelligence and the sacrifices of those under him.

At first, I did not think the story would be as engrossing as it ended up being by the end. Most of Geary’s traps in previous books were avoided through quick thinking and some luck. But the situation facing Geary now is either to battle head on or run and allow the Dark Ships to destroy worlds. It makes for taut reading as the losses start to mount in the Lost Fleet. There is also interesting information given about the Dancers and the Kiks as Geary learns more about them.

Leviathan does conclude the story arc resoundingly, if tragically. I listened to the audible version and it was smooth as the previous versions, using the same narrator. I hate to have to wait another year for the next book.

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