Glory by Maureen McGowan

As much as I enjoyed the previous two books in the series, this last one fell a bit flat.  The writing remained consistent but the plot sort of petered and died – and most of the book felt like filler. As well, many of the characters did things that were, well, out of character or simply illogical, mostly to create drama or angst. I was bored through a lot of the flabby middle and then when I woke up at the end, it was over.


Story: Glory finds she has an Aunt – only to learn she is a shredder. When her father goes missing, Glory must stage a rescue operation that might also rescue her Aunt. But does her Aunt want to come with her?  New revelations about the Shredders – and how Outside ‘cures’ them – will challenge all that Glory has been led to believe about the world outside Haven. At the same time, fear that Burn will turn into a monster if they touch has separated the pair. Cal isn’t moving in, even when Burn wants him to do so.  Glory will have to choose between the two boys before she can ever hope of overthrowing Haven. For Haven has turned on its employees and begun experimenting on them in very ugly ways.

There were several plot reveals and author McGowan did a great job of revealing them organically. Glory remains as likeable a character as ever though Burn became more annoying in his endless insistence that he is a monster. The introduction of Burn’s mother proved interesting but was ultimately wasted in useless plot machinations. Not a lot happens to further the plot for most of the book – either rescuing from Shredder camps or mooning over interrelationship issues (Glory gets mad at her father, brother, Burn, Cal – nearly everyone). As well, this moody Glory wasn’t as interesting as the intrepid one from previous books. It wasn’t character growth so much as character atrophy.

All the same, I was glad to read the final book in the series, even if it was missing the spark of the previous books. I’ll definitely want to check out McGowan’s next series.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

Note: I listened to the audible version and the narrator did a decent job.

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