Deserter by Mike Shepherd

Admittedly, it took a good Audible sale to entice me to read this second in the series. The first had failed to impress – it felt rough around the edges and not thought out enough. But I found that I enjoyed this second book and even looked forward to the next in the series. A lot of the issues of the first had failed to materialize in the second and the story was both different and a lot more solid.


Story: Time away from the military means Kris must deal with her family obligation. It’s hard being a princess. But when a friend needs help, she races across known space to save him. What she finds, however, is an elaborate trap with her as the intended victim. But someone has greatly underestimated the “damned Longknife.”

The story builds from the first book but takes a different direction: no military this time and all Kris’ personal life. Nelly the computer is given a huge upgrade that greatly changes her and how she interacts as well. Meanwhile, Kris has begun to recognize the effect her position in society has on others – and just how dangerous it is to be her friend.

New characters join familiar ones from the previous books. I found the new characters to be even more interesting and certainly Kris is developing quite a support system. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

I listened to the audible version and the narrator did an excellent job.

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