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Starship Blackbeard by Michael Wallace

Starship Blackbird is, admittedly, silly. An amusing sci fi romp that you really shouldn’t take seriously and just enjoy it in all its B-movie DNA glory. For what we have here is the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean … Continue reading

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Twin Star Exorcists 1 by Yoshiake Sukeno

Twin Star Exorcists is not a bad title at all; however, admittedly it did feel very ‘been there done that’.  The artwork is interesting, if a bit odd in places (our protagonist has triangular teeth instead of square). The combination … Continue reading

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The World’s Greatest First Love, Volume 2 by Shungiku Nakamura

The World’s Great First Love gives us more backstory on “Saga” and Onodera while also introducing a possible rival for Masamune.  More of the manga publishing industry is revealed as well – from author preferences to deadlines and how new … Continue reading

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Style Me Vintage 1940s by Liz Tregenza

Style Me Vintage 1940s is a broad (if not deep) survey of the look and feel of the era. Many photographs and advertisements are used as well as personal historical images from the author.  Although not comprehensive, the British-oriented book … Continue reading

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The First Twenty by Jennifer Lavoie

The First Twenty felt very constructed – everything set up to create a romance with complete disregard to logic or any kind of realistic situations.  There wasn’t an honest bone in the book. Compounding the lack of grounded worldbuilding, the … Continue reading

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World Trigger Volume 6 by Daisuke Ashihara

Volume 6 is all action as the Neighbors stage an all-out attack on earth and Border. The past quietude of the training is now gone in the flurry to save the citizens before the hordes of Neighbors reach the populated … Continue reading

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More Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless

With the word “more” in the title, readers may assume this is a cook stretching the topic into crazier versions of recipes that somewhat resemble Mexican. But I found this to be excellent even without the taco and burrito variations … Continue reading

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