Lonely Shore by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

I greatly enjoyed Chaos Station – book one of this series. As with book 2, Lonely Shore, the writing is smooth, characters engaging, and there’s a solid story underlining the interrelationship aspects. The science fiction is easy, well integrated, and doesn’t detract from the heart of the book: relationships and people.

Story: Zed and Flick are serving together on Chaos but neither is addressing Zed’s worsening mental condition. It’s clear that the poison is deteriorating his brain as his zoning and headaches increase heartbreakingly. To compound issues, the Chaos crew is still a target from the underworld organization they cheated and space is only so big when you need to hide.

Most of the story in Lonely Shore (more books to come in the series!) centers around Zed’s condition and Flick dealing with the affects of watching his lover slowly die. Although there isn’t as much action in book two, the pathos more than makes for an interesting story. I really like how the authors have created distinct and interesting side characters, each with their own quirks and personalities. The writing is easy and fluid, the scenes subtle and powerful.

Although this second book tied up several storylines, a twist at the end provides intriguing possibilities for where the authors will take our characters next. I greatly look forward to the third book in the series as a result. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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