Write It Your Way

Write it your way is a colorful and friendly approach to creative writing. Starting with an overview of literary terms (which are then used for a crossword puzzle), the book covers a decent range of writing topics, from poetry to opinions, writing for a reader audience, or pure imagination.


Excepts from books like Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden are used to help students identify literary types as well as examining and evaluating writing. After that, it is all about the student’s writing, using everything from expository to writing haiku.

The book is colorful but I did feel the images were a bit young/immature for the target age group of 4th grade (felt more like 2nd grade level appeal). And a certificate of achievement at the end of each chapter with a gratuitous plug for the publishing website (education.com)in bold letters was in incredibly poor taste.

Admittedly, my daughter did have problems with some areas. E.g., her instructions on writing a Haiku is that it has three lines, with the syllable pattern 5-7-5. No examples were given and we both just stared at each other as to how to write a bunch of Haiku after that. There were a lot of issues like that which make a self motivated learner frustrated since they can’t do the book on their own without a parent/guidance.

The points/questions leading into the creative writing exercises are fun and engaging. E.g., a creative writing assignment asking, “Would you rather…be haunted by a ghost, or be chased by a monster” and it has a little Halloween scene underneath. Beyond the creative writing pages are needed exercises such as understanding support statements, brainstorming, etc.

It’s a great book with some reservations as noted above. Definitely something to work with your child/student closely and not as independent exercises, though. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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