How to Make Curtains by Rebecca Yaker

I have really enjoyed the Storey Basics line of do-it-yourself books. All are concise, easy to follow, and include simple line drawings for illustrations/steps. The books are affordable and always current.


With How To Make Curtains, the book breaks down as follows: Window dressings (anatomy of a window, window treatments defined); From the top down (fixtures and hardware, heading styles); Fabrics, Lengths, and Linings (choosing your fabric, classic curtain lengths, types of lining); Measuring up (taking accurate measurements, structural elements of curtains); Calculating yardage (curtain fullness, curtain width, curtain length, making pattern repeats); A Few Basic Techniques (terms and tips, adding lining); Sewing your curtains (unlined rod pocket curtains, lined rod pocket curtains, tab top and tie top curtains, hidden tab curtains, grommet top curtains, instant new sew curtains, fabric tiebacks); Metric conversion charts; index.

The book is no-nonsense, get-to-the-point and get you making curtains as quick as possible. There’s no fluff or filler – terms are explained, techniques and tips given efficiently, and readers can be expected to make excellent curtains in a very short amount of time.

Those familiar with Storey Basics line know that the books are about getting readers through a project quickly but with quality results. The history of curtains, pretty pictures of presidential palace visiting rooms, and the author’s own house curtains won’t be included. Instead, the how-to information in easy to digest chunks over 120 pages or so, with simple black and white illustrations.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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