Your kids Cooking! By Barbara Brandt

I really enjoyed reading and then working on the recipes in with my 12 year old. What we have is a cookbook that is friendly, encouraging, and kid friendly. For adults, safety consideration are carefully covered and a very ‘hands back and let them work’ attitude is encouraged.

23876402Your Kids Cooking! by Barbara Brandt

The book has a broad selection of recipes – from macaroni and cheese to fried egg sandwiches, tamale pie to quiche. In all, there are 10 lessons with variations on a recipe in each as well as a fun desert (e.g., Lesson 6 has a recipe for stir-fry, cashew chicken, easy key lime pie, and then an; expand your horizons’ recipe list. That typically translates to 5-6 recipes per section.

Recipes include serving size, completion time, ready to serve time, background of the dish, sneak peek of how the recipe is made, STACK statistics (Skills, Terms, And Cooking Know-how), step by step directions with images, notes to the parents (who are ‘sous chefs’ to their head chef kids), preparation information, shopping lists and tips, suggested side dishes, nutritional information, healthier suggestions, images of all utensils and ingredients needed, and then suggestions for taking the meals further.

Of note, this isn’t simply a children’s cookbook. The emphasis here is on skill building – from independent work to building a sense of accomplishment. Parents are given the tools they need to further the lessons but ideally the kids do everything from chop the onions to even selecting the items to buy at the store.

The DVD wasn’t available when I received the book so I can’t comment on that. But the book itself is excellent – thorough, well thought out, and clearly a lot of work has been done to make it both useful and useable. Highly recommended.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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