Tokyo Ghoul2 by Sui Ishida

With Tokyo Ghoul 2, we’re introduced to the ghouls’ main antagonists: the Doves. Among them, two are especially deadly and they’ve targeted the ghouls in Kaneki’s ward. As he is forced to watch their deadly intent on a friend, Kaneki is fast making the decision in favor of the ghoul world over the human. He may not want to kill but he does want to protect.


Story: Kaneki makes friend with other ghouls in the coffee shop and meets several gentle souls as a result. But the ghoul enforcement squad has been operating heavily in Kaneki’s ward – and soon they sniff out one of his friends – a mother of a young girl. At the same time, he is learning more about what it means to be a ghoul, including getting fitted for his first ghoul mask (to hide his face from identification by the ghoul squad). Kaneki has tried to eat real food to fit in – but it is becoming harder and harder. And there is still the concern for his human best friend, whose life would be forfeit if he knew Kaneki became a ghoul.

By the end of the chapter, we’ve pretty much figured out that Kaneki is going to be a special unique snowflake ghoul. Having inherited Rize’s very strong powers and adding to him being human/ghoul hybrid, it should be interesting from here on out watching him power up to his potential. But at least at the very end of the volume, we got to see his trademark ghoul mask. Although a bit less on the horror, volume 2 continues its meditative discussions mixed with ultra violence. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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