Deadman Wonderland 10 by Jinsei Kataoka, Kazuma Kondou

Volumes 1-9 of Deadman Wonderland finished the first arc of the series: Ganta going to prison and meeting all the deadman as well as Shiro and then breaking out at the end. With Volume 10, we start the next arc of the series: going back in to destroy the Wretched Egg/Shiro.


Story: Ganta is fairly broken even though he is pardoned and is free. The other deadmen, his friends, are also living in commuted sentences or free. But life outside can never be what it was before they went into the prison and each is finding it particularly hard to adapt. When Makina gives them an offer to go back in and destroy the wretched egg, all take her up on the offer except Ganta. He’s still reeling from the knowledge that everything he cared about was destroyed by the one person he trusted in Deadman Wonderland: Shiro. But can Makina succeed without Ganta?

The next arc looks to be about Ganta’s strange branch of sin and what his mother, Sanae did to both him and Shiro. When Sanae’s notes from the research are found, Makina will perhaps have the tools she needs to destroy Shiro once and for all. But for Ganta, can he truly believe they will all get out alive?

This new arc looks to be interesting and there are several key players all manipulating Ganta and Shiro. Since it is a new arc, those who haven’t been keeping up with the previous volumes can pretty much start here again and pick it right up. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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