Komomo Confiserie by Maki Minami

I have to give it to author/illustrator Maki Minami – she definitely has created a unique story here. What we have is a tale of growing up and becoming a better person – while still keeping good traits. Demanding princess Komomo is extremely unlikable in this first volume and foil Natsu very inscrutable. By the end, it’s clear that Natsu will work wonders on our spoiled aristocrat and teach her to be a responsible adult.

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Story: Komomo grew up the cherished (spoiled) daughter in a very wealthy family. Natsu, the son of a patissier her gourmand father hired, is her personal charge (and slave). She loves his treats, though, and no one can cook like he does. When he grows up and goes to France to learn the trade, her family’s fortunes reverse and she is left with nothing. Cue Natsu’s return in her high school years. She’s still the spoiled princess but she is going to have to depend on her once former slave if she is going to survive in the cruel harsh world. Natsu, meanwhile, has many years of her abuse to return to her….

I had thought that Natsu would either be straight out for revenge or still smitten with her. And that Komomo would have grown up from the hardship of poverty. But really, she’s still the same clueless person and he has matured into a confident, if with somewhat of a mean streak, type of person. The point of the series is that although Komomo is spoiled, she is never mean or heartless. So she wins people over by accident and through her artless honesty.

I am curious where Minami will take this – she’ll have to be clever or we’re really going to dislike Komomo’s annoying stupidity and helplessness. But certainly, it’s clear that she is all Natsu has thought about since he left – and he’s relishing her change in situation. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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