Spell of Desire Volume 5 by Tomu Ohmi

Spell of Desire 5 completes the series in a satisfying manner. Kaoruko and Kaname are given plenty of obstacles to overcome but it will be Kaoruko’s unique magic, a blend of white and black, that will be the saving grace in the end.


Story: The Black Witch Queen has awakened and is not pleased with Kaname’s betrayal. He pledges to Kaoruko instead – incurring a terrifying curse that will quickly remove all his senses and then even the memories of Kaoruko. But Kaoruku is not going to sit idly by and let that happen; she researches what she needs to counter her mother’s spell and save Kaname from a prison of darkness.

Ohmi did a great job of creating a black and white witch system that isn’t wholly good or evil. Indeed, the black witch queen is saving the world while at the same time being fairly heartless. And as expected, a lot of what she does is to test her daughter and help her grow (even if the testing could have fatal consequences).

The art is as lovely as ever. Ohmi’s illustrations are especially dreamy in this last volume and Kaoruko quite lovely.

Ohmi notes that she didn’t get a chance to flesh out certain characters and some parts of the story got away from her. I think most readers will likely agree with her but still enjoy the series for what it is – a light romance with some paranormal underpinnings. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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