Seraph of the End Volume 6 by by Takaya Kagami, Yamato Yamamoto

With Volume 5, we finished the first story arc that dealt with Yuichiro escaping the vampires, gaining his cursed black sword, and then finding that childhood friend Mika is alive and now a vampire. With volume 6, we are given hints that the human world is just as (or perhaps even worse than) the vampire society; politics abound and horrible things have been done in the name of survival. More importantly, we’re learning that there is something very special about Yuichiro and Mika – and their former orphanage was much more than a place for lost children.


Story: Yuichiro and Kimizuki enter a comatose state to either conquer their demon sword (to power up) or die from it. We get to see both of their swords’ personalities and appearances and see their first power up states. Along with squadmate Saotome, Guren’s squad now has a highly rare number of black sword users – something that brings him to the attention of high ups.

The stage is now set for an epic battle between the vampires and the humans. The humans are ambitious: they want to wipe out not only the vampires in Japan but also to take over other humans who have survived in the world. The vampires, meanwhile, realize the humans are becoming too powerful and must be dealt with quickly. Both sides are mobilizing but who will be the victor? Meanwhile, politics in both the vampire court and human military have set Mika and Yuichiro on a crash course in the near future. But who will save whom?

I enjoyed seeing the personalities of the swords. Yes, they were perhaps a bit too cutesey and the arguments/tricks used by Yuichiro and Kimizuki to conquer the demons were pretty boring and trite. But unexpected plot twists (the orphanage’s true purpose, reason why Mika was saved by the vampire queen, Guren’s deep game politics) made up for it.

In all, interesting even when there aren’t any battles fought. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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