The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 2 by Aya Shouto

Volume 2 brings quite a bit of insight into the nature of the Momochi House as well as more background on Aoi. The Nue creates a new follower from the Ayakashi, ensuring even more trouble for Himari. As with Volume 1, we have a gentle tale of a girl and a bunch of spirits, including one boy who transforms into the house’s protector.


Himari learns that Aoi is forever trapped in Momochi House and she wants to find a way to set him free from his Omamori duties. Worse, using his Nue abilities might actually be harming him. But Himari won’t give up. When looking for a solution, she disturbs a spirit – who promptly transforms into a human shape. Aoi and Himari will have to help him find his sister in a yearly procession of spirits – but doing so puts them all in danger. When school starts and Himari brings home new ‘friends’, she finds out one isn’t quite what he/she seems – and could be a danger to all of them. But will she find the problematic friend in time?

We have a hint of a big bad guy from Aoi – a spirit dressed as a New Meiji era soldier. And in a short story at the end, we find out how Aoi ended up as a Nue/Omamori protector. It will be interesting to see who the young Aoi was running from when he found Momochi House – and how he relates to the guy on the roof in the solider uniform. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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