World Trigger Volume 6 by Daisuke Ashihara

I am greatly enjoying this series (and anime) quite a bit! With volume 7, we get some bigger bad guys (black triggers with horns!) and a hint as to why Earth is raided for Trion (Chika would make a ‘new god’???). Osamu and Yuma take a backseat as the Border teams as they battle the rabits and then an entirely new enemy – Aftokrator’s horned trion constructs. It’s all about teamwork this volume.

Story: A large scale invasion has begun and Yuma is worried – the enemy strategy makes no sense unless they have an ulterior motive or a trick up their sleeve. Jin’s side effect has been triggered, however, and his precog ability tells him the worst possible outcome is Osamu’s death. The other agents may not understand why a little weak B-rank is so important, but they all do trust Jin. Meanwhile, the invaders have realized there is a Trion user on Earth with huge potential – Chika. A secondary objective is to obtain her; to do so, they send their specially engineered highly skilled triggers. Each trigger has special horns to enhance their abilities. It will take all the skill (and superior number advantage) of the Border teams to protect Chika and the city.


The series continues to have fun with shounen action series conventions: Osamu is still pretty weak as a fighter but what he brings is assets – both Chika and Yuma wouldn’t be in border otherwise. Jin recognizes, of course, that Osamu’s importance doesn’t come from fighting but on the softer skills. I like that Osamu nor Yuma are idiots who get lucky a lot – each brings something important to the table.

With this volume, we get to see those who taunted Osamu and Yuma in the ranking battles in action – and see that they really are quite good. There are some fun strategies used to confuse, detain, or defeat the Aftokrator triggers.

World Trigger remains fun without being repetitive (as sometimes happens with other action series such as this one). I look forward to every volume. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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