The World’s Greatest First Love Volume 3 by Shungiku Nakamura

Volume 3 furthers Onodera’s and Takano’s relationship as Onodera faces his jealousy over Takano’s and Yokozawa’s supposed relationship. The second half of the book follows the story of a different editor working at the publishing house and also mooning over someone else, this time a book store clerk.


Story: Onodera is becoming frustrated with being the newbie that everyone takes advantage of – from artists not getting their drafts in on time to publishing houses moving up deadlines. With Takano’s help, however, Onodera’s author is published and a celebration is order. But Onodera worked so late, that he’ll have to settle for beer at Takano’s – and perhaps that isn’t the best idea after all? The second half of the volume follows 30 year old editor Shota Kisa – and his frustration with dating. He likes pretty faces but never wants to commit – until he meets a very handsome shoujo manga store clerk who has a great love for all the manga Shota edits. Can Shota be convinced to settle down?

The first half was mostly Onodera becoming frustrated with the job. That and becoming jealous at all the indications that Takano and Yokozawa are a thing. Takano tries to set him straight – but far too much beer has left Onodera with little memory of the conversation or what happened after, of course.

The Shota and Kisa story is sweet and a bit different in that Shota is a young looking 30 year old and his love interest an older looking 21 year old. One is eager and one is down on himself – but together they work it out, of course.

I’m not sure how all the publishing industry stuff is interesting – and Nakamura may be running out of circumstances, misunderstandings, and protestations soon. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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