Star Wars Jedi Academy Attack of the Journal by Jeffrey Brown

Attack of the Journal is a great book for little Star Wars fans – especially those who have enjoyed the Jedi Academy series. What we have is a workbook chock full of fun Star Wars themed imaginative activities. I would say that the age group is likely 6 to 13 or so, but I caught my husband doing some of the exercises as well! This would be perfect for kids to take on an airplane or for a long car trip since there is so much to do and so much diversity. And, honestly, it is fun.


Although this uses Jedi Academy series characters helping out or presenting, kids don’t need to have read any of the Jedi Academy books to enjoy. Examples of activities include: drawing a robot, creating an image of a custom lightsaber, learning how to draw Ewoks, putting words to a cartoon strip, starting or finishing a Jedi story, making up ‘Yoda wisdoms’, turning your friends into Star Wars characters, making a Star Wars themed newspaper, and many, many more!

Because this is like a workbook, I would recommend getting the paper version and not the kindle. A lot of the book is either lines for writing a story, a blank page for making a newspaper, or a paneled page for creating your own comic.

The tone is upbeat, encouraging, and inviting. There’s even an activity to find all the ‘hidden’ cloned vorpees scattered throughout the book. And heck, everyone needs an Ewok and Jawa dictionary. This is a really great idea and fun book. I highly recommend it and will enjoy watching my daughter work through it on our next plane trip (if my husband doesn’t finish it first!). Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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