Fitness after 40 by Vondra Wright

In this second edition, revised for 2015, author Wright updates several sections (especially adding new exercises and plans as well as better nutritional information) but essentially keeps a large portion of the original version intact. At heart is her system, nicknamed “FACE”: Flexibility, Aerobic exercise, Carry a load, Equilibrium/balance. There is a strong emphasis on running and her perspective seems to come more from people who were fit once than were never fit ever in their life. But on the whole, the book is comprehensive and easy to use.


Among the topics covered are: new science of aging, fitness beyond 40, moving to be stronger/smarter/happier, a six week jumps start to mobility plan (20 minutes at day), maximizing performance while minimizing injury, hip replacement issues, guide to smart nutrition, creating a positive mindset, and choosing the right fitness shoes. She’s also included further resources and references.

Her exercise programs come in ‘bricks’ – a mix and match set of routines/stretches which should be put together in groups of five. She gives suggestions on how to put together the “FACE” components – mixing and matching aerobic, carrying a load, equilibrium, etc. She suggests either the included plans or making one’s own depending on needs. Also provided are graphs and charts to help with compiling a fitness plan. Fortunately, they aren’t annoying or difficult to either assemble or perform.

Due consideration is given to ages as well as issues with injuries – from broken hips to tendon issues and arthritis. As well, a nutrition section gives suggestions from supplements to the usual avoiding of processed foods.

Due to the formatting, the hardcover is much more useful than a Kindle version (unless you have a graphical version such as the Fire). And I would have really liked to have had more images of the exercises – beyond the small and relatively few black and whites provided.

Author Wright has covered the topic well and the book is suitable for those even well into the 70s to stay fit and alert. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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