Bleach 65 by Tite Kubo

ith Bleach 65, we’re still right in the middle of the Quincy battle. But finally we get Ichigo entering the scene and taking names – only to discover that his entrance gives Yhwach even more leverage to enter the private levels of soul society.


Story: Kenpachi is down and about to be slaughtered until Ichigo arrives and saves him. More soul reaper comrades come to the rescue in the form of Rukia, Byakyua, Renji, and others; Kenpachi is too valuable to lose at this stage of the battle. But Ichigo has unwittingly opened the most secret level of Soul Society to Yhwach – and so must follow him with Chad and Orihime in tow. Sadly, it becomes clear that Uryu has betrayed everyone to follow the Quincy master.

Midway through this final battle arc, Soul Society is taking a heavy beating. We still have a bit of ‘monster of the week’ as we discover more about the powers of individual Quincy Sternritter. But this volume 65 definitely was a welcome return to a newly powered up Ichigo. It’s also great to see most of the original characters together again: Chad, Ichigo, Orihime, Yoruichi, Uruhara, and even Uryu.

There is some cute levity here – Orihime was given a rather revealing new costume by Urahara and Ichigo’s not quite sure how to handle it. Fortunately, we have Yoruichi to keep everyone in line right before they are once again shot out of a canon.

As always, great action and fun. I’m always amazed how Kubo can one-up himself with each new ‘Kurosaki power up’ and battle. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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