Jem and The Holograms: Showtime

With this reboot, the cult favorite 1980s TV show gets some surprising changes. The girls come in all shapes/sizes/colors and orientations (e.g., a Romeo and Juliet romance between Stormer and Kimber) and have been dumbed down a bit. Honestly, this is aimed squarely at the My Little Pony/brony crowd – the inclusion of MLP-like cameos clearly illustrate that intention. The result is a lot of exclamations, bounciness, silliness, and cat fights that will keep elementary school enchanted.


Older readers or die-hard fans won’t mind the appearance changes so much as the complete lack of edginess. This is definitively a modern take, eschewing 1980s glamour, fashion, and rock n roll excess for immature antics and exuberance. As such, author and illustrator have successfully translated this for a modern, if younger, audience. I especially appreciate the translation of the original clothing and hairstyles into 2015 (E.g., Pizazz no longer looks like she raided closets from the Flintstones characters and Kimber has a partially shaved head). Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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