The Poet and the Prophecy by Cecilia Tan

With The Poet and the Prophecy, Cecilia Tan brings the Magic University series to a satisfying conclusion. Relationships and friends are strengthened and the ultimate interpretation of the prophecy from book one is answered. If the ending was a bit anticlimactic, the sweet nature of the story more than made up for the soft denouement. It has been an enjoyable ride and certainly a very happy guilty pleasure read.


Story: Frost’s gender instability and Kyle’s worry about the prophecy are making their life difficult at Veritas. When more and more students lose their Sight, it is becoming very obvious that something is very wrong. Kyle will do his best to convince Frost that they should be together and Frost will fight his/her own demons. But always there is the question that haunts Kyle: are he and frost truly the ones who can save the world from the fiery end?

What I’ve really enjoyed about this series is that the erotic scenes are lovely rather than edgy or kinky. It’s not the type of ‘mommy porn’ books so popular right now and instead the sex scenes integrate smoothly into the book as part of the universe – rather than the other way around. It’s erotica written by a woman with heart and happiness – and definitely not influenced by the porn industry. This angle is so needed right now in the erotica category.

The Magic University series is definitely not great literature; but it isn’t derivative of Harry Potter, either. As the story concludes, Tan has done a great job of delivering a good story with characters we like and like to follow. It’s a great Sunday afternoon read as a result.

Especially appreciated is that there are no alpha males or other romance genre stereotypes. Just decent ‘ordinary’ people and some fun mythos to create a pleasurable read. I will definitely look for more books by Cecilia Tan in the future. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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