Heirs of Empire by Evan Currie

Few people really capture the feel of Star Wars like Evan Currie does. We’re not talking overly intellectual hard sci fi here; rather, Currie channels all the things that make a story like Star Wars popular, exuberant, and accessible. Always expect several POVs, lots of action, sudden deaths, and likable characters – and don’t let some of the cliches trip you up along the way.


Story: The empire under the Scourwind family has prospered but one general is about to do the unthinkable – topple the emperor and wrest control himself. In the balance stands the cadre – the elite warrior force who are extremely powerful but badly outnumbered. Only the emperor’s children, twins Lydia and Brennan Scourwind, can prevent the empire from completely collapsing. But will there be anything left to save?

I greatly enjoyed Heirs of Empire (listened to the audible version, so please forgive any misspellings). Yes, there are some logic issues; e.g., the general who calls all his people ‘idiots’ and ‘stupid’ yet inexplicably has a horde of blindly loyal followers. As well, there are some cliched writing examples in there (e.g., someone bleeding to death described as watching ‘his lifeblood flowing away”) and the villain, General Corian, is eeeeevil to the point of being a mustachio-twirling, cackling, stereotype. it’s still greatly enjoyable bubble gum sci fi. Add in the twins and their suspiciously lucky skillsets (ace pilot and hacker) plus the top warrior finding them and you get a formidable trio if perhaps a not very credible one.

I did have a lot of Star Wars moments and this books very much like an homage or love of sci fi for all ages. From the twins feeling very Luke and Leia (minus the “I’m your father.” thing) to a showdown between the emperor and the general that had dialogue so much like the Obi Wan/Darth battle in Episode IV. Add in some mysterious weapons that only the elite can use and a mystery behind where they came from and you get the idea. It may sound like a bad thing, or derivative, but it really isnt. Currie’s works are familiar yet also surprisingly unique.

So yes, a fun book with space battles, a fallen empire, and several POVs. It’s greatly surprising none of his books have been made into a movie yet – they certainly are cinematic and with such broad appeal. This book made for an especially fun car trip with the audible version and the family listening in (teens).

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