Black Rose Alice 6 by Setona Mizushiro

Black Rose Alice 6 completes the first story arc of this title -giving the final decision of Alice as to whether she will propagate with Dimitri or walk away. It’s been a long time coming and currently this is the last volume in the series (which is on hiatus). But it is a satisfying ending to the arc all the same.


Story: Dimitri has left the mansion, leaving Alice alone with twins Reiji and Kai. As memories are regained, it becomes obvious that Kai and Reiji had a rivalry over the same girl in the past – one that Kai took too far. Alice, meanwhile, has to deal with Koya’s obsession with Azusa and not accepting that Alice is not that person. When Dimitri returns with a bride in tow – just as Alice has decided upon her feelings for him, it looks like the harem will soon be without a queen.

This book is really about Alice’s choices – to keep or let Koya go, to stay with Dimitri, to choose Reiji or Kai, or to simply walk away from the life. Of course, it is clear she has feelings for Dimitri but always there is the uncertainty of what he feels for her; or rather, if she is nothing more than a replacement for his beloved Agnieszka.

In all, a moody but fitting end (so far) to the series. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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