Tokyo ghoul 4 by Sui Ishida

With Tokyo Ghoul 4, the differences between the anime and the manga become apparent. Scenes are subtly (and in some cases substantially) different and give a whole different spin on the story. This is one of the more gruesome volumes, so be prepared.


Story: Kaneki is befriended by a ghoul calling himself The Gourmet. It seems The Gourmet knew Rize (Kaneki’s Ghoul donor) and has some interesting things to say about her. But it is what he finds out from Ren and some new ghouls that really shed a whole new light on the day he received his transplants. Kaneki is still an innocent in a very dark world – and it seems he will repeat the very same mistakes that got him in this predicament in the first place.

There are some interesting reveals in this fourth volume and, of course, a new ‘bad guy’. But with Tokyo Ghoul, those that are good are often bed – and vice versa. Author Ishida turns so much of the story on its head in this and the other volumes so it actually makes sense that Kaneki manages to walk blithely into traps.
This is a horror manga – best not to eat this before eating. It gets dark fast by the end chapters. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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