His Favorite by Suzuki Tanaka

After 8 volumes, mangaka Tanaka has set a clear pattern: the girls plot to get Sato, Sato harasses Yoshida, and very little happens to further the plot. And yet, really, this turns so many shoujo/shounen ai conventions on their heads that it is always worth it. Certainly, with this volume we get very little pay off on the relationship but it’s still all about the humor and antics. And yes, I think we all love Yoshida just as much as Sato clearly does.


Story: Two events change up Yoshida and Sato’s situation: Christmas and a school trip. It looks like Sato may have to go away with family over the holidays – leaving him bereft of Yoshida’s company at that most important time of the year. Later, a school trip to Nara and Kyoto would mean Sato’s first adventure of that type (he’s a school trip virgin!) and he’s eager for time alone with Yoshida. But then again, every girl in the school (and a bunch of girls from other schools!) are looking to catch Sato’s attention on the trip as well. Can Yoshida survive all the plotting and scheming?

So yes, His Favorite 8 is just as subversive and silly as previous volumes. But it is a quick read and always elicits a warm laugh at Yoshida’s predicament. I look forward to volume 9! Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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