Seraph of the End 7 by Takaya Kagami, Daisuke Furuya, Yamato Yamamoto

With Seraph of the End 7, our main characters along with Guren’s squad are sent out on a ‘suicide mission’ to take out Vampire nobles in Nagoya. Shinoa Hiragi has to hone her ‘kids’ into a team-focused fighting force if they are to survive the coming battle. To test them, Guren stages a mock battle and easily defeats Shinoa squad. Even with 3 black weapons at their disposal, the team will be in the fight for their lives as they attempt to take out the vampire nobles.


With this volume, we get to see the post apocalyptic areas outside of Tokyo as well as are reminded of the relative inexperience of Shinoa Squad. But we do get to see more of Guren’s squad mates – a treat for those who have read the light novels.

There’s little about Mika and the vampires, though once again we’re shown his struggle to avoid drinking the blood of captured humans – and survive to save his friend from the humans.

By the end of the mock battles and travel sequences (where the team members play pranks on each other), the battle to take out a 15th progenitor noble begins – and immediately goes wrong. It’s almost certain that Shinoa Squad will lose members to the vampire menace…. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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