Maid-Sama 2 in 1, Volume 3

Maid-Sama is a manga that I feel is far better than its anime counterpart. The manga stays nicely grounded where the anime jumped the shark a bit and turned the characters manic and comic rather than heartfelt. It’s why I enjoy reading rather than watching this story.


With these 2 in 1 editions, we get two manga for the price a one – a good deal and a bit less space on the shelf. Volume 3 includes books 5 and 6. The story arc of 5 having to do with a wealthy rival attempting to take over Misaki’s Maid Cafe and all the trials she puts herself through in order to come out on top and protect her beloved workplace. Volume 6 introduces a character from Misaki’s past – a somewhat confused boy who has returned to her area in order to find ‘his Misaki’ again. Cue annoyed Usui.

As in the single books, this includes all the extras/sides from the author. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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