QQ Sweeper Volume 2 by Kyousuke Motomo

Admittedly, I wasn’t sold on the story from the first Volume – cleaning as a special attack? A broom as a weapon against demons? Pages devoted to cleaning tips? Somehow, watching our heroine ecstatically cleaning a toilet doesn’t necessarily make for a riveting scene. But with volume 2, the cleaning takes a back seat to finally bringing us the true story: a mysterious past for Fumi that may just tie directly in with “Q” Kyutaru as well.


Story: while Kyutaro agonizes over memories of Fuyu – a girl who kept him company when his family disappeared – and then disappeared herself. Fumi reminds him so much of her but he can’t understand why since both girls are so different. When a school friend attacks Fumi, the Sweeper team is brought in to exorcise him. But Fumi is sure she is the catalyst – a cursed girl. And with that realization comes a desperate bid to save the Sweepers by leaving them permanently.

The plot is making sense now and we’re finally get a taste of the Motomi’s writing strength. I absolutely adored Dengeki Daisy but admit it carried on much too long. I am hoping with QQ Sweeper, the story will stay focused on Fumi’s mysterious past and not go off on tangents. Certainly, this Volume 2 was a page turner and kept me interested to the end.

Motomi has a great way with romantic moments but she definitely spaces them out. With QQ Sweeper, her art has matured and there aren’t as many overly-busy small panels. There are parallels to Dengeki Daisy, yes, and certainly this story doesn’t stray too far from that mold (strong willed girl with mysterious link to bad things – and the strong willed guy who is going to protect/save her). But there’s a great story in here now and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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