Tokyo Ghoul 5 by Sui Ishida

Volume 5 completes “The Gourmet” arc, adds a chapter giving Rize’s backstory, and then begins a new arc about the Ghoul Investigators (introducing Juzo Suzuya). Sui enjoys juxtaposing the viciousness of the ghouls against what now looks to be similarly disturbing CCG. But at the same time, we’re given more insight into touka’s impressive Kagune.


Story: The Gourmet has taken a morbid interest in Kaneki – a rare treat he has saved from the restaurant in volume 4. He sets the perfect dinner – trapping both Kaneki and Nishio. Touka’s sudden appearance throws off his plans. But will ghouls who won’t feed on human flesh have enough power to stop the gourmet from killing them all? At the same time, the ghoul hunters recognize a serious problem in Ward 11 – now that there are no fighters left against the ghouls. Headquarters sends in the big guns – a really nasty piece of work named Juzo Suzuya and his partner, Shinohara.

This volume may not have quite the kicks of the first four but including a chapter on Rize’s backstory was a great addition. It leads up to the period in which she meets Kaneki but also helps bring more of the reasons behind the 11th Ward situation (and the sudden heightened interest in Kaneki’s Ward by the CCG). Kaneki learns a bit more about Rize but clearly he still has a long way to go before understanding his ‘progenitor’.

The battle in the church was well done, especially since we get more on Touka’s abilities. For once, Kaneki is pretty much out of the picture and it is Nishio and Touka who have to put a period on The Gourmet. Tsukiyama is suitably menacing and has quite the kagune himself.

In all, still scary but also still fascinating. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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