Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

I have not read other Kresley Cole books – so consider this review as intended to those who might be considering checking out the Immortals After Dark world or Cole stories.


The story is easy to get into – no previous experience of the other books in the series needed since we have two new protagonists and apparently a new group of supernaturals (Møriør) from which to draw further protagonists. Characters from other books do show up but I found that not knowing them was more of an asset, here, since lead character Josephine also doesn’t know them. It made Josephine’s story a bit more understandable..

Admittedly, the story is mostly sex. And then more sex. Main character Rune is supposed to be stalking Nix but really spends most of the time thinking about, engaging in, or planning ways to have sex. Sometimes with the main character and often with nymphs. By the 50% mark on my Kindle, nothing had really happened except that – leaving the story a little flat.

The usual hot alpha male and spirited but unsure ‘future mate of alpha dude’ staples of this genre are here. Jo is surprisingly fairly unlikable – viciously rude and nasty to everyone yet that obnoxiousness is oddly ignored or tolerated with amusement. I had a hard time getting into her character, so was so thoroughly unpleasant. Her desire for a monogamous relationship when she continually eschewed all other entanglements/friends/human contact just didn’t ring true. Rune, similarly, was fairly one-track with his thinking. Sex. Cole tries to base their attraction on physical characteristic (smell, taste (of his blood or her .. uh…scent, etc.) but it just didn’t follow it. They say opposites attract but this opposite pair just didn’t have the underlying passion that is able to burn away philosophical differences.

Because I didn’t feel much love for either character and didn’t really want that much sex in a book (I’d rather the focus be on plot), I did have a hard time with this book. It is feasible that I might have liked it more had I more experience with the lore of the Immortals After Dark to carry me above my ambivalence about the characters) – but as an introduction to Cole’s world, this did give me an idea of what to expect. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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