Bloody Mary Volume 2 by Akaza Samamiya

Bloody Mary Volume 1 was, admittedly, a confused jumble of ideas that were pretty hard to follow. With Volume 2, we’re given more clarity about these guys who have female names (Maria, Mary), making the story start to make a lot more sense. I’m still not sure where mangaka Samamiya is going to take the plot after 8 chapters but this still does remain a beautifully drawn series.


Story: Maria is blissfully unaware that his best friend Takumi harbors an immortal in his basement – an immortal vampire hunter claiming to be Maria’s grandfather. When Takumi is ordered to bring Bloody Mary in to his laboratory, Maria isn’t going to forgive him that betrayal, And he’ll bring his own army of vampires to free Mary from his grandfather’s torture.

Takumi is being set up to be a tragic character – with no free will under the command of Isaac and hopelessly entangled with the Di Maria family for generations. He had the most interest arc (and certainly was the main character) in this Volume. Isaac is shaping up to be the villain of the piece, tormenting all three characters from his immortal madness.

This is looking to have a lot of the angst of the latter arc of Vampire Knight. I’m curious to see where it will go from here. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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