Idol Dreams 1 by Arina Tanemura

Idol Dreams represents a change in Arina Tanemura’s work. Recognizing that her longstanding fans have grown up and become adults, she has written a series for them. Published in a tankouban targeted to women rather than girls, the same magic is here, of course, but the protagonist is now a 31 year old office worker who realizes her life has someone stagnated. It’s a great idea for a story – a gift to her older readers while she also works on her other titles geared to a younger audience.


Story: Chicage Deguchi had a charmed life in high school – popular, smart, and full of potential. But now, over a decade later, she’s a ‘Christmas cake’ – an office worker who has somehow reached her 30s without ever finding a husband or fulfilling life. When younger and prettier coworkers denigrate her status and betray her for their own benefit, she’s had enough and decides to take her life. She’s saved by an old friend from school, now a scientist, who believes he can give her a reason to live. He’s experimenting with a drug that can turn her body back to 15 temporarily. It’s dangerous but she doesn’t care; it’s her chance to relive her best years and this time make the right decisions.

Because it is Tanemura, we’ll have a lively 15 year old protagonist becoming embroiled in the idol world. Cue cute boys and plenty of idol action. Perhaps where this book will differ is that her true love interest is actually in her 31 year old present – the friend she protected but never saw again after school until he saves her from drowning.

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