Coding Games in Scratch by DK Publishing

Coding Games in Scratch is a beautifully presented, friendly, and very easy to use book designed to introduce kids to coding through creating their own games. The language used is Scratch and is easily available; kids also learn about basics behind game creation such as atmosphere and characters.


The book breaks down as follows: 1: Computer Games (What makes a good game, Atmosphere, Types of games, How coding works); 2: Getting Started (Introducing scratch, Getting scratch, Scratch tour); 3: Star Hunter; 4: Cheese Chase; 5: Circle Wars; 6: Jumpy Monkey; 7: Doom on the Broom; 8: Dog’s Dinner; 9: Glacier Race; 10: Tropical Tunes; 11: What Next? (Remixing and beyond, Better scratch, The next level, Jobs making games, Have fun!); Glossary & Index.

The games cover a wide variety of types – from platform jumping to racing, adventure to puzzles. There’s even an Angry Birds type of game to build. Each game chapter includes an introduction, background, aim of the game, graphics of how it will look and play, game controls, coding step by steps (with colorful graphics), and plenty of encouragement. steps include sounds, atmospheric additions, movements, quirks, tweaking and personalization, etc. Coding basics such as “if then” and random number generation make the concepts usable beyond Scratch. Indeed, each game brings out an important coding concept.

I’m not a coder and chose this for my 12 year old. It’s suitable for all ages, though – even as young as a precocious 7 or 8 year old who can read (or with a parent’s help). Setting up scratch and how to use it is fully given in the beginning instructions so there is little to trip up anyone looking to use the book.

I was highly impressed with Coding Games in Scratch and recommend it. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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